Some Unlikely Allies [remastered]

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in Terminator 2: Judgment Day


 Terminator 2: Judgment Day – Superb!!!

One of the my favourite movies of all time. In the movie you notice the presence of two terminators, wondering why two terminators? But first of all, one of them is known from the first Terminator movie, and he is a bad guy, sent back in time, with one mission, kill Sarah Connor mother of John Connor, future leader of the Human resistance against the machines.

I’ll be back, frikin’ Epic…

And he did it, in the second movie, as probably everyone that had seen for the first time the movie, had thought that his mission it is to kill John, and dang!!! The revelation was made, the terminator was captured and reprogrammed by the resistance. So instead of killing John Connor, his mission it is protect him from the other terminator made of liquid metal, T-1000 one of the best villains of all time.

The first scenes of the movie are a completely twist, after the revelation scene, now playing as Connor’s ally, they got to runaway from the T-1000, stunning scenes full of action, proper from the 80’s movies. The interesting point of their alliance is the interaction between them, John Connor tries to make the terminator more human, and the smile scene, ha!!! Clever combination of action and humour!!


Their relationship was so deep, that at the end, the final scene was so intense, one of the best tear-jerker scenes of all. Even tough guys cry, so do not tell the opposite!!!

Thumbs up friends, the alliance did not stop here, it continues in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, still good, but the real deal was T2.


in Sonic the hedgehog 3


The last decent Sonic’s character, one of the coolest guys in gaming. Its history goes like this. With his first appearance in the third title of Sonic, full of good intentions, Knuckles, wants to protect his floating island – it looks pretty amazing by the way – from the fellas who supposedly want to take the Master Emerald, Sonic and Tails.


Knuckles was betrayed by a cunning scheme designed by the mean Dr. Robotnik, then he tries to stop Sonic of supposedly stealing the Master Emerald, the adventure goes beyond Sonic 3 continuing in Sonic & Knuckles (honestly no idea if it was kind of spin-off, but anyways was pretty good), so it goes until the fight between these two rivals.

In the end, the good always win – well almost always – and it is nothing that we do not know, these two fellows are allied to defeat the cunning plans of Dr. Robotnik. Friends for ever!!!


in Dragon Ball series


I shudder all over listening this theme!!!

From one of the greatest tv shows of all time and i’m forced to say that it’s my favourite. The reincarnation of pure evil, son of Piccolo Daimao, Piccolo Jr. wants revenge for his father’s death by the hands of some dumb kiddo, named Son Goku. Soon, years after the battle between Goku and Piccolo Daimao, in the martial arts tournament, his goal is to kill Goku and rule all the world just as his father wished to have accomplished.


They fought almost until death, for the good of all humanity Goku takes the title of martial arts world champion. Always with pure goodness, Goku lets Piccolo with life. Still with the ambition of ruling all world, Piccolo Jr. keeps on trainning, meanwhile Goku now has a son, named Gohan. At the starting point of Dragon Ball Z earth seems pretty quite, when a completely unknown character reaches the planet to cause terror. It is Raditz (gotta always remember he existed), brother of Goku, asking why he did not have completed his mission. In that encounter, Raditz takes Gohan with him, he is too strong for any earth’s inhabitant, when the unthinkable happens, Piccolo joins Goku to fight against Raditz.

They defeat the sayan, in fact Piccolo killed both sayans in one strike, he was thinking he was going to be the king of all world, but no!!! He will have to ally with Goku and friends for more battles against the bad guys.


in Dragon Ball series


Oh my!! I can say no words!!! Just Super AWESOME!!

Well, two dragon ball’s characters in one list of five, what can be said? I just love Dragon Ball series, and surely, you have to admit Vegeta it is one frikin’ awesome character. As well as Piccolo Jr. he faced Goku in one epic fight, where everything happened, like Vegeta turning into a giant ape, even Gohan did, only just seeing it, preety cool fight the second best in Dragon Ball, after the fight against Freezer of course.

Goku vs. Vegeta Vegeta arrives earth to take revenge of Raditz death, at the time Goku is in heaven training hard, expecting his return from the death and save earth, everybody already was awaiting the menace coming from space. Piccolo was also there, then we saw for the first time on earth Vegeta and Nappa, one small guy who is the prince of the sayans. Then the battle, that it is showed just above.


Like in the fight versus Piccolo, Goku lets Vegeta live. The story joins them on Planet Namek, the Piccolo’s planet, oh!!! Everything it is linked!! That is why it is so good. The turning point for Vegeta was the scheme made by Freezer, making him believe all the time that his planet was destroyed by an asteroid. Then Vegeta prepared to fight hard Freezer, until the return of Goku and with that, one of the best scenes from one animated tv series, another tear-jerker scene, very touching. Vegeta asks Goku to revenge the sayan race.

So many enemies to fight with, allied together the Super Sayans, the biggest rivals and the biggest friends in Drangon Ball Z.


in Rocky movies


For the last but not least, the The Master of Disaster, The King of Sting, The Dancing Destroyer, The Prince of Punch, The One and Only, and The Count of Monte Fisto, Apollo Creed!!! Hell yeah buddy, who could have guessed that?? The rival of Rocky in the first and second movie turns out to be his ally.

creed vs rocky

Rocky THEME!!!

After the first – a true masterpiece – Rocky, Creed takes the win and continues as the world heavyweight champion, still that, Rocky is a true hero, an unknown guy from the streets of Philadelphia. The second movie, well what we should expect, another fight between them for the rematch. Rocky is the greatest of all, the south paw takes the belt.


Alright, Creed was kicked, or better punched really hard. The champ Rocky, now, faces new opponents, between those it was Mr. T as Clubber Lang. Rocky acepts the challenge, but everything was falling down for the champ, his trainer Mick was dying and he was about to be punched hard by Lang.


Then Rocky without any mood for fighting, that is when appears Apollo Creed to help the training of Rocky, for the rematch against Lang, to expel away all his nightmares, but it was not easy. But Creed was not doing it without taking anything of Rocky.

It was so awesome seeing them turning into allies, it continued in the fourth Rocky movie, but something too sad just happened.

So long buddy… Smell you later…

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